Unclog Pores and Remove Oil Pollutants with this Trick

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Unclog Pores and Remove Oil Pollutants with this Trick

Unclog pores and remove oil pollutants with this trick:

Clogged Pores and Oil Pollutants on the face can be a major cause of Face Acne Clogged pores breed Acne causing bacteria, so you need to deep cleanse the face to clear the pores and remove oil pollutants without drying out the face. A healthy face free of any form of pollutant can be the only thing you need for a fresh face. Here is a simple DIY that can help you deep cleanse your face without drying it out:

Step 1: Mix half teaspoon Coconut Oil with half teaspoon Olive Oil

Step 2: Gently massage this oil mix on your face for about 2 minutes

Step 3: Wash off with a good Soap like Exoticbella Exfoliating Soap

Step 4: Apply a good Moisturizer like this Moisturising Fade Cream

This simple but effective method would guarantee a fresh, smooth and supple face forever and ever more.

You can visit our shop on www.exoticbella.com to buy both the Exfoliating soap and the Fade Cream. These products are also good for the overall complexion, consistent use of these products visit give a soft, bright and glowing complexion. Can also take off some years from your skin and give a youth appearance.

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