Get rid of Acne, Whiteheads, Blackheads and Pimples in a Few Weeks following these steps

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Get rid of Acne, Whiteheads, Blackheads and Pimples in a Few Weeks following these steps

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It’s your girl again, Exoticbella, thanks for stopping by, today I would be discussing ACNE CARE. I noticed that Acne is a stubborn skin issue that can build a mansion on one’s face, if care is not taken, and it takes more than one approach to be rid of this stubborn skin challenge. Hence, the reason for this blog. It's my hope that this write-up would teach you how to manage your acne, white heads, black heads and all of acne’s cousins that is preventing you from getting that beautiful and smooth face of your dreams, so let’s dive in and please don’t forget to share this write-up with anyone you know that is dealing with Acne in any form. You can also follow or contact me on my Instagram page @exoticbellaskincare for more tips on how to stay beautiful always.

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About Acne:

In simple terms, Acne is a common skin condition where the skin pores become blocked by hair, sebum (an oily substance), bacteria, dirt and/or dead skin cells. When these pores are clogged, there can be swelling, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and spots on the face, chest or back (but Acne is most common on the face).

Causes of Acne: There are several causes of Acne, some of which are

1.     1The Hair Follicles (Pores) on the skin are blocked by dirt or dead skin cells

2.     2. Acne also occurs when the congested pore is infected with Bacteria and oil

3.     3. Hormonal changes can increase the amount of oil your skin produces and acne then occurs when the excess oil interacts with bacteria in the pores.

4.     4.  Certain Medications might affect hormone levels which can cause Acne

5.     5.  Foods rich in calories, fat and refined carbohydrate like soda, white bread, white rice and cake can cause major Acne break outs

6.     6. Stress can also increase the risk of acne by drying out the skin, ramping up oil production and increasing levels of stress hormones which can in turn lead to Acne outbreak.

Types and symptoms of Acne:

1.     Whiteheads– These are closed clogged pores which appear as white topped pustules on the skin

2.     Blackheads – These are open bumps on the skin that are filled with excess oil or dead skin cells

3.     Pimples – Are raised red spots with white center that develops when blocked hair follicles become inflamed or infected with bacteria.

4.     Inflammatory Acne – This is when bacteria infect the blocked pore and the immune system tries to combat the bacteria leading to inflammation and at times more severe types of acne like cysts (usually called cystic acne)

How to manage/treat acne to always have a beautiful face:

You must be dedicated to managing & preventing Acne if you have an Acne because Acne prone skin requires constant care, and a stop in care might bring back the acne. The Following tips can help you achieve an Acne free face always, and also note that good and effective skincare products is the key to having a spotlessly fresh face. So here are 6 highly effective tips that would keep Acne at bay:

1.     1. Cleansing: It is important to always wash your face every morning and night, especially if you have an acne prone skin. Cleansing with the appropriate soap or cleanser would ensure that the pores are clean and clear of excess oil, dirt or dead skin cells. And note that using a harsh/strong soap would result in more problems than solution and also using an extremely mild soap/cleanser might also cause more harm than good, because it might not be effective in cleaning the pores. So, the idea is to use cleansing products that deeply cleanses and does not strip the skin of all its natural oils. It is advised to use face cleansers/soaps that are specially formulated for Acne prone skin.

2.     2. Apply a good Moisturizer: Make sure to use suitable moisturizer after every wash to protect the skin’s barrier and also to help manage sebum production on your face. Our Salicylic Acid Face Cream and Brightening Face Oil are very good moisturizers that can help manage oil production and also brighten your face.

3.     3. Use Face mask twice a week: Face masks are clays that absorb excess oils and toxins from the facial pores. Doing this twice a week would ensure that your facial pores are clean. Our Face Clay is a mix of clays and herbs that removes toxins that might trigger Acne on the face. Our Face clay also brightens your face so much that you can literally see the effect after one use.

4.     4. Steaming ones a week: Steaming your face helps to open up the skin pores to clear dirt and eliminate the Acne causing bacteria. Check below for ‘How to steam your face’.

5.     5. Lifestyle & Diet: Always stay away from foods that can trigger Acne. I found out that exercise also helps with acne management, but make sure to wash your face after every workout.

6.     6. Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays that might affect the health of your skin.

Diligently following these 6 steps would ensure your face is clean and free from acne, they might seem simple but you would definitely see great improvements when you follow the steps especially with the appropriate skin care products.

Recommended Routine to get rid of Acne in a few weeks:

Below is the routine I usually recommend to my customers and there have been great reviews on how beautiful their face is now, after a few weeks, but always remember, consistency is key

Night Routine:

1.   1.  Wet your face with water and rub a good face cleansing soap (like exoticbella clarifying face soap) on your face, let it stay for 2-3mins before rinsing. But if you have a heavy make-up on, then you might need to rub in a cleansing oil(like palm oil, coconut oil) on your face and let it stay for about 5 mins, before washing off with a clarifying face soap

2.     2. Pat Dry to remove excess water

3.     3. Then apply a Salicylic Acid Face Cream on your face 

4.     4. Followed by a nourishing face oil (like Exoticbella’s face oil) for a nourishing finish

  Morning Routine:

1.    1.  Wash your Face with a good Face Soap

2.     2. Pat Dry to remove excess water

3.     3. Apply SalicylicAcid Face Cream

4.     4. Apply Brightening Face Oil

          Ones or Twice a week Routines:

1. Use a Face Clay twice a week

To remove toxins and stubborn dry skin cells that refuse to shed with the soap, below is how to use Exoticbella Face Clay:

How to use the Face Clay

1.    1.  Mix small quantity of Face Clay with a tea spoon of water in a small bowl to form a paste

2.    2. Apply the paste all over wet face

3.     3. Let it stay for 5 mins or until the clay is dry on your face

4.     4. Rinse with water, then wash off with clarifying face soap

5.     5. Apply Brightening/Moisturizing face oil to seal in moisture

2. Steam your face ones a week: 

How to steam your face

1.     All you need do is pour hot water in a wide brim bowl,

2.     Rub any healing oil (exoticbella face oil is a good one) on your face and

3.     Bend over the bowl of hot water at a good distance and use a cloth to cover your head over the bowl

4.      Allow the steam to flow all over your face for about 15mins or till the water is cool and no steam is settling on your face again.

5.     Wash off your face and pat dry.

6.     Apply our Brightening face Oil for a moisturizing effect

Do this and see how beautiful and smooth your face would be in a matter of weeks.

Thanks again for dropping by, wishing you a smooth glow as you begin your journey towards an Acne free face

Love and Kisses

Exoticbella Skincare Team  

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