Hello, welcome to Exoticbella Skincare, where we create Nourishing Skincare Products for a Beautiful You!!!

My name is Bisola, Founder of Exoticbella Skincare, we are a skincare products manufacturing company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Let me tell you a short story:

In my late teens, I used to walk down cosmetics aisles of supermarkets, reading skincare products labels and ingredients, and always looking for the perfect one for my unique African skin texture, but I was never successful at finding the right one, so, I ended up mixing creams and steroids just to get a brighter and glowing complexion. I did this for a while, but I realised that, the practice wasn't sustainable, as my skin began to show signs of ageing, when I was just in my late 20's, this got me depressed and I lost my confidence, and so I always had to wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans to cover my flaws. You see ehn, I'm a chemical engineer and I am familiar with chemical processes and production, but it never occurred to me to delve into manufacturing skincare products. 

The Eureka moment came when I was discussing my 'Skin Woes' with my aunt, and she said 'sebi' you are a Chemical Engineer, why don't you create something for yourself? That was the moment, that I knew, I could help myself and maybe, many other African women who are experiencing dull, dry and lack lustre complexion like myself and don't have access to suitable skincare products that address their skin type. This 'light bulb moment' Birthed Exoticbella Skincare, where we create safe, effective and nourishing skincare products that give African women a glowing and beautiful complexion without compromising their skin Texture and Integrity.

Our mission is to create safe and effective products that brightens, moisturises and evens our customers' skintone, thereby, giving them an improved overall appearance of a healthy, glowing and flawless complexion. 

At Exoticbella Skincare, We have been able to help hundreds of women gain self-confidence in their own skin while still maintaining their identity as strong African women.

My team and I at Exoticbella Skincare would love to help many more African women achieve a glowing and beautiful complexion, that they would be proud of, so, join us, if you're one of such women.

Once again, You are highly welcome and hope to be your lifetime skincare partner. Please don't leave our website until you browse through our shop and get something for yourself and loved ones.

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